What is Fertility Coaching?

I specialize in coaching people that are going through or have gone through fertility struggles. My fertility coaching program helps you understand and address the emotional aspects when it comes to infertility. I coach women, men and couples wanting to take control of their lives and keep the energy moving forward with infertility. The goal is to help you gain emotional clarity and move toward your goals quickly.

Why would one seek to work with a Fertility Coach?

One would seek to work with a fertility coach if they are feeling stuck in their fertility journey. Some common feelings are lonely, desperate, angry, jealous, confused, as well as feeling a lack clarity in your life.  If you often feel like everyday decisions are fogged by the emotional roller coaster of infertility, working with me can add clarity. I have walked a very long and painful road with infertility and can personally relate to your journey.

How is Coaching different from Therapy/Counseling?

A Consultant: A consultant is an expert in at the issue you are  looking to address. They’ve already mastered the process and figured out the most efficient way to do it. They focus on the problem.

A Therapist: A therapist is most interested in why you are  struggling. What’s in your past, or childhood, that presents a barrier to handling  your current situation? They focus on why the problem is there.

A Coach: A coach offers a different type of relationship altogether. There’s a lot of asking and not much telling. They are your champion. They work with you to tap into what you already know, and help you break through your limiting beliefs. A coach is  cheering you on every step of the way. They focus on you.

What are the different ways you work with individuals going through infertility?

My process is to talk with you, the first couple of times, listen to your needs and concerns that are impacting your life and provide some coaching tools to help you begin to take control. If we are feeling  connected and like a good match, we can discuss coaching packages and  how we will work together. I currently have fertility clients that  do one on one coaching and others that prefer the one on one coaching paired with a few couples sessions as well.  

I don't live in the States, Can I still work with you? What do I need from a technology stand point?

I work with clients worldwide as long they have a quiet place with no  interruptions, stable internet and phone connection and can speak and understand English.

Do you do in person coaching?

I offer one and 2 day intensive coaching sessions to established clients as well as couples retreats. I also working with fertility doctors and clinics in the Dallas-FortWorth area to offer in person sessions at their offices from time to time.  

My partner & I are struggling with our relationship & wanted to get coaching together. Can you help?

Absolutely! I love working with couples and understanding the full dynamic of your fertility journey.  I offer couples coaching and weekend retreats to support you as a team. 

What kind of support do you offer for women?

I coach women to take control and ownership of her life, to keep the  energy moving forward, to attain emotional clarity and move forward towards her goal quickly amidst of the emotional roller-coaster. Do you see yourself here? Lets talk to explore.

What kind of support do you offer for men?

Men are often a forgotten entity when it comes to infertility. We put  a lot of emphasis on women and her emotions and men often take a  supporter role. Coaching men through infertility is an area I have a great deal of experience. Working together to explore how to express themselves amidst the emotions along with finding ways to support and reconnect with their partner are just a couple of examples of what we will work through to ease the stress of infertility. If you see yourself here, lets talk to explore.

Do you do coach family members and friends who might be interested?

I offer tips to friends and family who are supporting their loved  one through infertility. Sign up for my newsletter. I would be more than happy to talk with friends and family to explore how I can help them support their loved ones.